Blossoming in a Nurturing Environment

Nurturing environment childcare outdoor volcano fun
Nurturing environment childcare outdoor sunflower growing
Nurturing environment childcare outdoor vegetable picking

Providing a warm, natural, home from home environment for our children is paramount. Children need to feel comfortable in their surroundings and we believe that nurturing that need will help children flourish at our setting.

We do this by creating a beautiful, engaging and stimulating environment for our children. We use lots of natural colours, textures and themes inside, as well as encouraging lots of outdoor play. You won’t find any distracting, garish colours in our nursery, we love muted tones and tactile sensory resources which our children love to explore.

We take the ‘Neutrals and Naturals’ approach. A concept based on research which states that bright walls and plastic toys can overstimulate children and promote crankiness, tiredness and can cause children upset and anger during play.

We encourage, and celebrate individuality. Every child is unique. We form strong partnerships and listen to the opinions and wishes of all our parents/carers and children. We champion an inclusive learning environment and will support the differing needs of all. We encourage families to share their unique cultures and traditions and strive to foster a sense of community in all of our children. We take pride in our approach to ‘Cultural Capital’ whereby children are given diverse opportunities to understand and learn from society.

Child led play is really important to us as well as freedom and self expression. We support, guide and encourage our children and believe that children blossom when given an environment where they can choose, try and learn for themselves. This helps to build confidence and promotes independence, enabling them to become self-motivated learners and individuals.

As early years practitioners we have an integral role in shaping the choices our children make around health and wellbeing. We therefore aim to build strong foundations with regard to healthy eating and physical activity which will benefit the children long-term. As such we provide free healthy snacks to all and also run a ‘Cooking Club‘ to teach them through playing little chefs.

We all know that children thrive when having fun. When children are having fun, learning comes naturally and easy. Children are much more likely to remember their experiences and this learning will stay with them as they develop and grow. When children enjoy their play this promotes a healthy desire to learn both now and later in life.

To find out more about our nurturing approach to childcare, please get in touch.