Our activities

At Treetops Nursery we love to explore an array of different topics and learning pathways through our activities. Our dedicated team plan thoughtful and creative termly and weekly themes to entice, entertain and capture our young minds and little explorers for each and every session in which they attend.

Our setting is divided up into specific areas which help our children have fun through new experiences. They can choose from a selection of learning opportunities through heuristic play; utilise their freedom of expression through physical activities as well as relax and enjoy some calm time for quiet reflection and sensory wellbeing. Some children can become overwhelmed by constant excitement and need to be able to have an area where they can relax and not be overstimulated by play and in some cases other children.

Learning and development

Weekly themes

Our Themes cover a vast selection of topics from cultures to imagination. They place a large focus on investigating the world around us and topical events happening in the here and now! Here is just a quick preview of some of the exciting topics we are looking at over the coming year: Mythical creatures and Imagination; Different continents and their habitats; Government and Politics; Global Changes; Places around us; and All about us.

Cooking club

At Treetops Nursery we absolutely adore the ‘Great British Bake Off’, so much so we have decided to create our very own ‘Cooking Club’. Each week we bake, cook and become little Jamie Oliver’s in the kitchen as we cook something different linking to our weekly planned topic! Cooking activities help promote all seven areas of the early years foundation stage – from counting and number skills to talking about different textures.

Walking club

The ‘Walking Club’ is something that is paramount within early years education. Cultural Capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. By giving children new experiences that give a sense of awe and wonder of the world in which they live, we believe they receive the best possible start in life. On our local walks we take children to the local common and places like the village Post Office .

Let's play professionals

We believe that providing children opportunities to learn from other professionals plays a vital role in extending their development. As often as we can we arrange for people from outside professions to come in and take part in an activity with the children. This has included: Tiny tigers Karate workshop; Queen Elsa talking about the monarchy and coronations; Let’s dance Norwich did a silent disco extending children’s listening and attention skills; Crystal’s beauty room; a fire engine visit; a police car visit; as well as a visit from a local politician.

Wellbeing and mindfulness

Children’s wellbeing both physical and emotional is of utmost importance to ensuring they are successful learners. At Treetops Nursery we want to help children to understand their feelings and learn how to behave positively from a young age. With this in mind we have now introduced a wellbeing corner at our setting for children to connect with their mind body and spirit to promote positive personal, social and emotional development. This will enable children to become strong, powerful and confident learners.